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Executive ProtectionExecutive Protection
Executive Protection

Violence in our global workplace is increasingly becoming an everyday risk of doing business. International terrorists, disgruntled employees, unhappy shareholders and disenfranchised individuals are all possible threats to today's executive and their families.

Whether traveling, making public appearances or just conducting daily business, high profile professionals and international executives must take steps to protect their personal well-being.

Your safety is paramount and deserves to be left in expert hands.

Titan's experienced protection team and security guards recognize that each client has unique safety requirements. Once initial assessments are completed, detailed and customized programs with an emphasis on client support are prepared and evaluated by our team of expert security guards. Skilled individuals are handpicked and given specific instructions regarding detailed safety measures and client preferences. Upon implementation, protections plans are continuously fine tuned to provide you with exactly the amount of protection you need.

Once compromised, your sense of security will never be the same. Protect yourself before you have an incident. By going the extra mile to ensure your safety, you give yourself the freedom to concentrate on what you do best - making your business a success.


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