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Emergency Medical ServicesEmergency Medical Services
Emergency Medical Services

Most of us think of our homes as our safe haven, yet 31% of all fatal accidents happen in private residences. Other life-threatening emergencies can happen at anytime -- 1,000 people die each day of sudden cardiac arrest.

Titan's fully trained First Responders augment security guard parols and save lives by providing critical medical care before an ambulance can arrive. Defibrillation within the first minute of sudden cardiac arrest can increase survival rates by 90%. Onsite medical services are critical because the chance of survival drops 10% with every minute defibrillation is delayed.

Training prevents errors. Besides CPR/AED, First Responders receive constant training in first aid, airway management, wound care and other medical techniques. All officers are instructed to assess the nature and extent of an individual's illness or injury, employ critical thinking, and how to convey medical information effectively. Supervisors run mock drills in order to judge their medical officers reaction time and improve their site's overall Emergency Response Plan.

Security Guards trained by the best, Titan's Emergency Medical services and training are supervised by Dr. Gregg Nezowitz, Medical Director, and Al Howe, Medical Coordinator. Both Dr. Nezowitz and Mr. Howe demand constant site-wide medical training: All Directors of Security and Patrol Guards are trained First Responders and all Gate Security Guards are certified in CPR/AED within first months of hire.

Please note, when requested, Titan is also equipped to handle your community's BLS/ALS needs.


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